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Silk Road Network Connection Hong Kong to Europe with Stability and Speed

In a groundbreaking move, Pacswitch proudly launched of our Silk Road Network connection, seamlessly linking Hong Kong to Europe. With an unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled service, we have established our private Point of Presence (PoP) infrastructure to provide a superior, low-latency connection along this historic trade route.

Ping test from our London PoP to Hong Kong PoP (
Ping test our Hong Kong PoP to London PoP (

Our Silk Road Network connection offers businesses a fast, stable, and reliable link that not only commemorates the legacy of the ancient Silk Road but also aligns with the modern “One Belt One Road” strategy, opening doors to new markets in neighboring countries.

The strategic placement of our privately owned PoP empowers us to ensure consistent, high-standard connectivity that facilitates efficient cross-continental communication and data transfer. This marks the beginning of a new era in global connectivity, where Pacswitch leads the way in shaping the digital landscape along the Silk Road.

As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence, Pacswitch is dedicated to expanding our network reach with additional PoPs along the Silk Road map. We are excited to bring you a future where borders are no longer barriers, and business opportunities are boundless.