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Pacswitch Announces Outstanding 2023 Revenue and Expansive Plans for 2024

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Hong Kong – 11 Feb 2024 – Pacswitch, a leading provider of international value-added services, is thrilled to announce a remarkable achievement in its 2023 fiscal year, with revenues soaring to an impressive HK$74 million. This success is primarily attributed to the exceptional performance of our International Value Added Service division, highlighting the company’s commitment to delivering superior services to our global clientele.

Building on the momentum of last year’s success, Pacswitch is excited to unveil its strategic expansion plans for 2024. A significant focus will be placed on extending our Global Points of Presence (PoP) in Asia and Mainland China, with a special emphasis on the Greater Bay Area. This expansion is aimed at enhancing our network infrastructure and service capabilities to meet the growing demands of our customers.

In an ambitious move to diversify our business portfolio, Pacswitch is proud to announce its venture into the Global Supply Chain business. This new sector will focus on optimizing the supply chain for China-made products destined for Europe and the UK. Leveraging advanced data analytics, we aim to streamline the entire supply chain process, from manufacturing to delivery, ensuring efficiency and reliability for our European and UK markets.

As part of our expansion strategy, Pacswitch is also set to broaden its operational footprint in England, United Kingdom. This initiative will see the establishment of larger office and warehouse facilities to bolster our administrative and logistics capabilities. The new facilities are designed to enhance our capacity to manage operations seamlessly, connecting Hong Kong and Mainland China with the European and UK markets more effectively.

“We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved in 2023 and are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead in 2024,” said Ernest Tse, CEO of Pacswitch. “Our expansion into the Global Supply Chain business and the enhancement of our infrastructure in the UK are testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. We look forward to continuing to serve our clients with the highest level of dedication and to further strengthening our position in the global market.”

About Pacswitch: Pacswitch is a Hong Kong-based company that specializes in providing international value-added services. With a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Pacswitch is dedicated to enhancing global connectivity and streamlining supply chain processes for businesses around the world.

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