Public Peering

It is the practice of exchanging free network access with another network provider. In a standard situation, as soon as a packet of information leaves our networks, we have to pay for the distance it travels on other networks. But with peering, we give other networks access to the reach of our network in return for them allowing us to send packets over theirs. This extends the reach of our networks, improves performance, and reduces cost, allowing us to deliver greater value to you. Since the Internet is based on the principle of global reachability – the concept that any Internet user can reach any other Internet user as though they were on the same network – peering has become an essential part of the network landscape.

General Informations


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MIHK-Pacswitch Globe Telecom


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Peering Policy Information

Pacswitch maintains an open peering policy and does not require a signed peering agreement from its peers. However, it does expect that its peers will remain in line with a few straight forward policies:

Must maintain a 24x7x365 NOC which can be contacted either via phone or email. The given NOC must have either access or a clear escalation path to identify and resolve network problems and DoS attacks sourcing from their network.

Potential peers must not be an existing downstream customer of Pacswitch. Additionally, peers must not have been a customer of Pacswitch within the last 6 months or maintain an outstanding balance.

Interconnections with peers must be a minimum of 100Mbps. Peers must maintain ample capacity to ensure no latency is incurred due to link saturation.

Peers must not configure a default or static route or other means to send traffic to Pacswitch for a route that is not advertised by Pacswitch at that interconnection point.

Pacswitch reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend any or all peering with any network without prior notice if that peer is causing operational damage to inbound/outbound traffic of Pacswitch or its downstream customers.