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Hong Kong: Connecting Your Business with Mainland China

A data center is more than just a place to store data; it’s also a gathering place for businesses to come together and form connected data communities, the foundation that powers our world today. With our new brand and identity, we highlight Pacswitch’s core: a global brand with local expertise, ready to meet the needs of our global customers today and in the future.

When looking at common automotive, manufacturing, logistics, or other industries, the question of how to improve interconnection with mainland China arises frequently.

Many companies rely on Cloud Services such as Microsoft 365 and Azure Global Services, as well as connecting branches within China to a customer backbone. But customers continue to face high latencies, low bandwidth, unstable connections, and high costs when connecting to destinations outside of China (for example, Europe or the United States).

The “Great Firewall of China,” which protects the Chinese portion of the Internet and filters traffic to China, is one source of contention.

Lo Wu, Hong Kong – February 05, 2019 : Lo Wu (Luohu) port is a port of entry crossing between mainland China and Hong Kong, located in Luohu district of Shenzhen

Except for special administration zones like Hong Kong and Macau, nearly all traffic traveling from the People’s Republic of China to outside of China passes through the Great Firewall.

Traffic passing through Hong Kong and Macau does not encounter the Great Firewall entirely; instead, it is handled by a subset of the Great Firewall.

Cabinets inside Tseung Kwan O data center

Pacswitch operates financial  hubs  and  high-tier  data  centres  within 2km of Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate in a wider effort to expand its service capacity across Asia and wants to “capitalize” on a recent surge in demand for Internet services.

The company’s greater presence in the Hong Kong region seeks to capitalize on a global surge in demand for internet services during the pandemic. Such a service is necessary to meet the China market’s growing needs for global public cloud services. The capacity of the data centres will power innovation and digital transformation for developers, partners, and customers in China and around the world.

This reveals a significant opportunity.

Pacswitch’s data centers serve as the foundation for an intelligent, trustworthy, and neutral cloud platform that enables hundreds of thousands of developers, partners, and customers from China and around the world to achieve more through technical innovation and business transformation.

The data centres serve as the basis for robust IT infrastructure in the region that can support data transmission.

The upcoming region will help to further nurture local talents, stimulate local innovation, grow local technology ecosystems, and empower businesses in various industries to achieve more. Hong Kong advances to the third most attractive data center location in Asia Pacific and is highly sought after by investors and operators.

HongKong – November, 2019: Train on railway platform at MTR station / subway train station in HongKong

Pacswitch’s Hong Kong data centres help enterprises unlock the value of their data. We help businesses economically scale over time to:

  • Take the challenge out of overcoming Data Gravity in their environment to help their teams realize their true business growth potential
  • Improve business agility
  • Access new markets across our comprehensive global footprint
  • Enable new revenue growth by shortening the time and effort required to bring data where it needs to be and connect it to the services and applications that matter the most